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  1. We have doubled exports over ten years to £12.8bn in 2014, bucking a decline in total exports
  2. We have reduced our CO2 emissions by over a third since 1990
  3. 96% of our businesses are micro to medium-sized
  4. We have 6,620 businesses
  5. Over the time of the responsibility deal on average FDF members reduced salt in their products by 8%
  6. We employ around 400,000 people, that’s more than the population of Leicester
  7. Our gross value added to the economy is £21.9bn, nearly automotive and aerospace’s combined
  8. UK food and drink productivity has increased by 11% over the last five years compared to an overall UK productivity increase of 0.5%
  9. We self-fund three quarters of the sector's research and development (£325m)
  10. We will need 109,000 new recruits by 2022 to meet the skills needs of the sector
  11. We account for almost 16% of total manufacturing turnover (£81.8bn)
  12. We have virtually eliminated artificial trans fats in UK products

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Last reviewed: 04 Apr 2017